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    1. Creation of Consent and Consensus

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So young, so many accomplishments.

Ralajean Semira


As a student, Rala had her on-the-job training at Estima, and, even then, the Company already wanted her in and waited for her to graduate.

She handles the day-to-day management of some of Estima’s important accounts, and, already, she has several successful advertising campaigns behind her.

Always in the Dean’s List and Honors’ Circle, and perennial class representative, Rala was graduated a Bachelor of the Arts with a degree in Mass Communications cum laude by St. Scholastica’s College Manila.


Ralajean M. Semira



        Multidisciplinary skills for a multitasking world.

                The team combines marketing, advertising, broadcasting, sales and production experience.


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All Estima people are Slashers: A term coined by the staff to describe the desired trait of being multidisciplinary. It means that the person described is capable of doing and does the job of several people -- and well, e.g., events manager slash writer slash artist slash photographer.

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