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Public Relations
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You can tell if it’s paid by how it sounds and looks and feels. And there’s the rub: if you can tell if it’s PR, then it’s not doing its job.

Estima considers public relations as content -- it is supposed to inform while selling your product. Excellent public relations, in whatever form -- press releases, advocacy ads -- must be chameleonic: it must nourish and sometimes entertain. It must be indistinguishable from regular features, write-ups, editorials or ads for causes.

Public Relations
Public Relations that doesn’t look like advertising.

Newsweek published an issue on vitamins and cited prominent nutritionists recommending that a daily dose is crucial to one’s emotional well-being. If your major client is a pharmaceutical company selling vitamins, you would do well to publicize that fact. Go a step further and turn it into an advocacy. The caplets used for the ads are recognizably those of the client, naturally.

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“Dapat Daily”

Roughly translated: ‘Must be daily.’

The cause is legitimate: UniversiTV wanted to tell its audience -- students in universities -- that the country needs to feel their presence as citizens, exhorting them to be the better generation.

Joel Villanueva, a client and a congressman representing Citizens Against Corruption, needed additional visibility in preparation for a reelection bid. The combination worked well for both.

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Representative Joel Villanueva

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public relations

The Cause and the Candidate.

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