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    1. Creation of Consent and Consensus

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Vincent R. Pozon

        Multidisciplinary skills for a multitasking world.

Vincent has been with the largest and the smallest of ad agencies: Ideas, Inc., Reach Advertising, J. Romero & Associates, Grau Roses, J. Walter Thompson, Pacifica Publicity Bureau, Hemisphere-Leo Burnett and, until July 2008, he was vice chairman and CEO of Adformatix. He has been acclaimed for advertising work: one Advertising Congress rewarded his efforts with 12 golds, 4 silvers and 3 bronzes. Adformatix’ growth was enviable. It soon became the largest independent ad agency in the country, swiftly gaining a reputation for strategic thinking. He succeeded in transforming the agency into a partner in the discipline of marketing and in the creation, not of advertising, but of strategic successes. He also became known for aberrant work (e.g., Promil’s ‘Gifted Child’, Clusivol’s ‘Bawal Magkasakit’). He created Mom's Radio, a much-acclaimed branded content creation, and UniversiTV, a television station dedicated to the young. He teaches advertising when he has time. He hopes to finish his thesis in Masters in Business Economics at the University of Asia & the Pacific, time permitting.

40 years in advertising

Vincent Pozon


                The team combines marketing, advertising, broadcasting, sales and production experience.


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