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It’s a comedy TV show that provides a refreshing break from the regular programs that proffer stressful news. But does it sell products?

Introducing Branded Segments. And how to do them right.

Branded Content
Branded Content in Comedy.

The segment mentions the product name innumerable times, uses the Strategy Visual of the ad campaign as its hook. It’s entertaining, it’s popular. It lasts as long as several 30 seconders. Is it programming, or is it an ad?

Content or advertising?

Lean-forward viewing

Usually, the TV set is turned on and left as background music as people go about their rituals.

Our program has created an alternative atmosphere, For at least 30 minutes, the country is laughing, guffawing even.

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The program is watched -- a “lean-forward” viewing experience.

The program, designed to help a country laugh during difficult times, has created branded content segments for many sponsors -- KFC, Children's Clusivol, Stresstabs, Robitussin, among others.

Estima Crews are out shooting for Hapinas and UniversiTV everyday and everywhere -- in universities, malls, name it.


The production team of Estima conceptualizes and produces branded content for Hapinas and for other programs that are not just entertaining but relevant to the product story. Click photos to view segments.

They’re not sponsored segments, but hardworking mini-programs that sell products.
Click to see the Hapinas opening billboard.hapinas_obb.html

With no professional comedians, Hapinas is about everyman telling his favorite joke. And everybody but everybody has one good one tucked away. Click images to sample.

Content offers a uniquely relevant environment where advertisers can present their messages with clarity and impact. 
For information on advertising and branded content opportunities in Hapinas and UniversiTV, contact

Jef Mendoza, jamendoza

Alternatively, you can call or SMS +639276820043 
or the Estima landline: 892-9557.


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