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    1. Creation of Consent and Consensus

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What’s the fuss?

It’s perfect for weekends. The entire community is at the public market shopping for the week.

The whole market hears.

At the very least, it is excellent advertising. The product jingle is heard by the entire public market.

They mill about.

A barker reels them in. After which they rush to the nearest stores, which were told to stock up.

It has music, audience participation, spectator appeal, a distinctive and hard-to-ignore look, a prize for every participant, database gathering, and a product purchase requirement. What else can you ask for from an event?

Created and produced for Wyeth, this event has toured hundreds of wet markets.

And the show begins.

With the conversation fed to the crowd, the show hosts informs the customer of the mechanics.

They register.

To claim their right to play for the prize, they add to the growing database.

They sing!

To win their prize, they sing the jingle of the product. With gusto.


Or shyly. All to the enjoyment of the crowd.

And children alike.

Singing the lyrics of a song that extolls the virtues of the product. All for an umbrella or T-shirt.

Painted faces!

The face paint is a brand icon, which means the children become walking advertisements.

And mobile billboards...

After an event, the team gives the banners to the tricycle drivers of the area.

At no cost to client.

Mobile advertisements that double as sunscreens for the passengers.

They line up.

They are spectators to the show. And the line itself draws attention.

At the end of the day:

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  LABAN O KANTA: Anatomy of a perfect event.