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    1. Creation of Consent and Consensus

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Resurrecting Propaganda.

Younger students of the power of media may refer to it as enculturation.

To get that all important but imperceptible nod from the viewer, reader, listener or passerby, I intend to elicit “spontaneous consent” to an ideal -- no longer simply an agreement to purchase your product, but a willingness to live with it.

i seek to create a 'common sense' regarding your product.

Simply stated, your product is situated in the customer's home and day like a door and dinner. It enjoys an unquestioned existence, and it is conspicuous when absent.

More powerful than coercion is consent and consensus.

Mao was wrong: Power does not come from the barrel of a gun. His Red Book helped him hold sway over a vast nation. And, to this day, his influence is palpable in many lands. Many marketing philosophies have roots in theories of warfare. Creation of Consent and Consensus is about hegemony: more than winning, it is about holding sway -- the maintenance of power, the domination of a state of things, or a way of thinking.

Whether we're selling Marxism, milk or mousetraps, we seek to dominate and we want this hegemony to last, to fight off competing thoughts and products, to quell revolts, be they on town plazas or on supermarket shelves.


‘To be truly successful in selling a product, you must go beyond sales.’

                Prof. Vincent R. Pozon

The Philosophy
Creating Common Sense
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content and consensus

The proposition is presented as common sense to overcome the customer's proclivity to reject. The message creates the invisible nod (consent) that happens in the mind. After which there is pervasive rationalization of all opposing or unruly ideas and sentiments. It is then accepted and embraced by many (consensus). If ideal, plausible and respectful of culture, proposition becomes basis for establishment of a cultural hegemony.

and Consensus.

Creation of Consent...

to reject

The word 'propaganda' drips with malice. But to denote the power to affect and infect, it is the most accurate, as older people know all too well. The Science of Creation of Consent and Consensus involves old methods (advertising and public relations) and new (new media and branded content). The philosophies behind it come from the nineteenth century (Theory of Hegemony, Antonio Gramsci) and the twentieth (Integrated Marketing Communications, Don Schultz). The system is a way to influence people, despite today's difficult media landscape, in the same manner propaganda created beliefs and habits and shaped the bent and behavior of generations.

I remind my copywriting and integrated marketing communications students, far too frequently, I am told, that we must always have a healthy respect for the vast influence of the instrument. For a well-crafted campaign premised on the Science of Creation of Consent and Consensus can make feeding cow's milk to infants the norm (Promil), resurrect old model pickups into market leaders (Nissan), install and topple governments, sell the Brooklyn Bridge and maybe, just maybe, even reverse the earth's rotation.

The indubitable power to sell and hold sway.


                                                  Prof. Vincent R. Pozon

The Gifted Child
and Milk

However we feel about milk and infants, Promil  is, indubitably, an immense marketing success that influenced an entire generation of mothers.

Instead of promoting the pro-duct, we decided to talk about the products of Promil: gifted children who were bred on Promil. 

The Creation of Consent and Consensus seeks to build the product into the life of the customer, or, in this case, the decision-maker. If today, we celebrate holidays created by Hallmark, e.g., Grandparents’ Day, then the card maker has situated its products in our home and in our life.

The Promil campaign was an integrated marketing effort. Public appearances, mall tours, performances, art exhibits and guestings were an essential ingredient in the marketing mix. It publicized a generation of pianists, chess players and child geniuses whose common denominator was Promil during “that crucial stage of brain development.”

We sought and won official recognition for “The Week of the Gifted”, an event that is celebrated every November.

Click to see, Prof. Pozon's political campaign site.

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