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Erwin brings to the table extensive experience in advertising and design work. He was a visualizer at Multiventures Direct Response, an art director at Communicon, Adformatix, Dentsu, and Young & Rubicam, a senior art director at Harrison Communications. Past successes runs the gamut: Nissan, Wyeth (Promil), Whitehall (Centrum, Clusivol, Robitussin, Advil), Sony, Unilab, San Miguel (Gold Eagle Beer), Globe, Jack n’ Jill snacks, Ayala Land.

Erwin is a product of the University of Santo Tomas and the Technological University of the Philippines, graduating with a Fine Arts degree.

Nothing beats experience

Erwin Triviño



Erwin C. Triviño



        Multidisciplinary skills for a multitasking world.

                The team combines marketing, advertising, broadcasting, sales and production experience.


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All Estima people are Slashers: A term coined by the staff to describe the desired trait of being multidisciplinary. It means that the person described is capable of doing and does the job of several people -- and well, e.g., events manager slash writer slash artist slash photographer.

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