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    1. Creation of Consent and Consensus

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Content offers a unique-ly relevant environment where advertisers can present their messages with clarity and impact.
 The production team of conceptualizes and produces branded content that are not just entertaining but relevant to the product story.

Gamut of choices.

There is a fixed number of hours in a day, and the viewer is busy with his cellphone, the internet, cable, DVD movies.
With the gamut of choices in media, of points of contact with the consumer, advertisers must learn to utilize the program portion – the content – to reach audiences in a more meaningful and powerful way. Using content allows us the ability to promote products within programming. And, no, we’re not talking about casual advertising.

Estima helps clients create customized brand-driven content, or programming designed to create consent for a product in the mind of the consumer in an entertaining and sincere manner.

Content: A marketer’s dream.

To a marketer, the opportunity to equip itself with the ability to create content is a dream: To go beyond the restrictions of 30 seconds, flesh out product stories, insinuate products every so often, at every turn.

Our experience in the genre is extensive and comprehensive. Our content products have allowed marketers to explore the limits of content, so they may utilize these potentials to build bonds with the consumer – and tend to those bonds, strengthen and care for them in a manner no television spot can hope to do.


Advertising pays for content.

Without ads, no medium will exist. Content is why people watch television, read newspapers, browse the internet, listen to radio. Throughout history, advertisers and ad agencies have focused on the fringes of content: creating ads to sponsor content. But advertising is encountering new difficulties and challenges. The traditional advertisement is losing its clout with the viewer, a more aware and jaded consumer these days. And technology allows him to wield total control over what he watches -- with the remote control.

Beyond 30 seconds.

The Estima team combines extensive marketing, advertising, broadcasting, sales and production experience.
See Who we are. This makes for a coalition of skills and expertise unique in the industry. Whether it's an interstitial or a branded segment, they can present product stories that are true to their advertising strategies in the most entertaining manner. 

This experience harks back to one of the first branded content TV programs in the country: Mommy Academy. It was a veritable half hour “commercial” for Promil.

Lean-forward viewing

Usually, the TV set is turned on and left as background music as people go about their rituals.

A good branded content vehicle like Hapinas! has creates an alternative atmosphere. For 30 minutes, the country is laughing, guffawing even.

The program is watched -- a “lean-forward” viewing experience.

The program, which was designed to help a country laugh during a particularly difficult time, created branded content segments for many sponsors -- KFC, Children's Clusivol, Stresstabs, Robitussin, among others.


Content Creates Consent.

Fidelity to Copy Strategy

The segment mentions the product name innumerable times, uses the Strategy Visual of the ad campaign as its hook. It’s entertaining, it’s popular. It lasts as long as several 30 seconders. Is it programming, or is it an ad?

Content or advertising?

The branded content creations of Estima includes Hapinas!, another product of Estima, insinuated products into the program imaginatively -- beyond the usual bug logos and “brought to you by” blurbs.

UniversiTV, a UHF television station for the Filipino youth.

The multi-awarded Mom’s Radio, a string of FM stations in the provinces dedicated to the Filipino mother.

Understanding Branded Content
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